Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gathering at Our Place

Scott & I invited my family up here for dinner tonight (My parents & two of my brothers and their families live about 2 hours away, and we had never invited all of them to our house after living here for over a year now - we're total slackers, and time goes by way too fast). Steven & Amy couldn't make it up, but Brad & Rachel were able to come up for the first time. Anyway, we had an amazing dinner and a great time just hanging out. It also happened to be Drew's birthday, so Rachel (& the kids) made his birthday cake, & we were able to celebrate with him. It was so great having everyone up here. Thanks for coming.

Drew, Cole, & Sammie watching Harry PotterDrew helping decorate the cakeSammie was tired from being in the sun & playing at the water park before coming to visit us. Fruit seemed to make her pretty happy though. She took such big bites that she couldn't even shut her mouth to chew, so my brother held a rag under her chin while the juice poured out as she ate. She's such a character.My dad joined Cole to "watch" Harry PotterHappy 5th Birthday Drew! (Rach accidentally grabbed the #6 at the store, but it's his 5th birthday. Drew didn't seem to care - he just laughed about turning 6 instead of 5.)


  1. Cute family... And good job on the coupons! I love free stuff!!!

  2. I'm so glad you got photo's to document the party and the day. I still need to blog Drew's birthday, but I didn't take any photos! I'm such a slacker.

    thanks for having us to dinner, it was so fun and your house is beautiful. We had a great time.

  3. Those kids grow so fast!! I still love the pictures I have of baby Drew feeling up some statue at your wedding. Have you seen them? They're awesome.

  4. Cute kids! That coupon thing, I might just have to give it a try. Leslie explained the whole deal when I was in Tracy. Do you get the coupons that are in the newspaper too? Thanks for having us over on Tuesday. It was awesome seeing you and we had lots of fun!


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