Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend in Danville & Gardening

Last weekend, while Scott was working, I went down to Danville to visit my family. My main goal while there was to get a more refined idea of how I want to decorate Will's nursery. (I know it's still early to start this whole decorating process - I'm not even halfway through my pregnancy, BUT I'm really excited for this baby, and I've had plenty of time to think about nursery ideas, so why not get started early. Not only this, but my mom's going to be out of town for over a month, and if I end up making something for the nursery, I want my mom's opinion and expertise on how to do it before she leaves - this way I can actually finish whatever project I want to do before the baby comes.) So - my mom and I spent Saturday going to various baby stores and quilt stores hoping to be inspired with some brilliant idea (which we were, or at least I think so). I'm going with a transportation theme.

These are pictures that they sell at Pottery Barn Kids. However, they're ridiculously expensive, so I'm going to try to duplicate them. I also want to make one with a firetruck, since we're undoubtedly going to have lots of fire related things given to baby Will - I already have a bunch of baby fireman gifts lying on the floor of his future nursery. This theme also allows me to use a ton of color, since I love all colors and can never focus on just a few in decorating.
After hours of looking around, we went home and got ready for Stake Conference.
On the way home from shopping, my mom got rear ended by a brand new teenage driver. My mom was so nice to him and did her to best to calm him down. He looked freaked out and super stressed. I was so excited to be in town for Stake Conference because I haven't heard my dad speak in a long time. It was also great to hear Elder Larry Wilson speak at the Sunday session - he's our previous Stake President and my friend, Brig's, father. I was also really excited to see a lot of my old Danville friends from high school.

Michelle, David, Spencer, me, PJ, Matt and his wife Nicki. It was great seeing my super cool friend, Marisa, too. We couldn't find her, or her husband for the picture though. In addition to the fun Danville trip, I've also taken up gardening (with encouragement from my mom). She brought up two clay pots last week and planted tomato plants for me. She also brought me some beautiful white petunias and red geraniums for my front yard. I've been researching how to care for these plants, and hopefully I will have success - so far anything I've planted has died within a month. She taught me how to prune them, and even bought me a watering can, fertilizer, a shovel, and gardening gloves, so I'm all set. I'm actually surprised with how much I enjoy gardening. I've always wanted to learn, and this should be a great place to start.

Tomato plants:
My petunias and geraniums - Scott was so sweet and planted them for me (he's such a great husband). The flowers aren't on them right now because it's better for the plant if you pinch the flower off after first planting them. This allows all of the water and nutrients to go to the roots first, so they can settle firmly in the soil. (Hopefully they won't die before the flowers have a chance to grow back.)
What the flowers will eventually look like:


  1. Aww Liz. Great post and I always appreciate a good blog shoutout.

  2. Your ideas for William's room is so cute!! This is a random link, but you might find some cute artwork at -it's just a site where artists try to sell their stuff, sometimes I run across something ADORABLE and cheap. But if it's not cheap, I try to duplicate it (I'm an idea-thief!). Cute post! I can't believe the Beetle is bruised, it's such a cute car!
    Anyway- you look great!
    And Happy Mother's Day

  3. Gardening is hard work. I don't have a green thumb but I would like too.

    I like your ideas for Will's nursery. Let me know if you need any help.

    Hope Scott is feeling better.


  4. I love the transportation idea, it is adorable. Good job Liz. Oh, and Happy Mother's's your first one...yea!

  5. Your nursery looks cute so far! I remember when I was pregnany and I had just finished the nursery I would walk in there and fold and refold all the clothes and blankets and think "pretty soon my baby will be in here." ... But DO save SOME projects for the end because the nesting thing makes you go crazy and if you dont have something to focus your energy on you might end up doing wierd things like washing your walls or mopping your garage or something!

  6. your new layout is so cute! it would be a cute idea for your nursery colors too!

  7. love your new blog template! very cute- and I love your flowers you've planted- I love, love, love geraniums. They're so vibrant. thanks for sharing the cool trick about pinching off all the blooms when you first plant them...I didn't know that!

  8. Look at the showbiz reunion! How fun. Isn't it fun to have a garden? I seriously have no idea what I'm doing in my yard but it's still fun. Maybe one day things will bloom, it is just barely turning into spring here!

  9. When you come out here for Parade of Homes, let's try to make the pottery barn pictures. Sam needs some, too.

  10. I had to laugh when I clicked on your blog because we had chosen the exact same layout from Leelou blogs...I will change mine so that we aren't twins. Great minds think alike!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog background! see you soon,



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