Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiffani - yesterday

Yesterday was my good friend, Tiffani's, birthday, and Andrew and she invited some friends to go bowling. I was apprehensive at first, embarrassed for others to see how much I lack the bowling skill, as well as nervous that my back would give out (I have a history of back problems starting in high school - being pregnant hasn't helped with it either). Anyway, the first game that we bowled, I think I scored in the 40s or the 50s - maybe. I didn't feel too terrible since Catherine was getting just as many gutter balls as I was. The second game, however, Catherine and I discovered new ways of bowling. She did the grandma squat - she's 32 weeks pregnant, so she could get away with it - and Leslie told me the correct way to aim the bowling ball. With that said, Catherine and I were the top scorers for the girls the second game. She got a 104, and I got the best I've ever gotten with a 95.

Mark, Ben, Eric, Andrew, Josh, and Scott (They kicked our butts both games, but three of them were getting strikes or spares pretty consistently - Eric used to be in a bowling league.)
Leslie, me, Tiffani, Catherine, Alyssa, and Robin
We then went to the Morgan's to relax, watch TV, and eat cake with ice cream (I'd been craving cake and ice cream all day, so it worked out really nice for me).

Thanks for the fun Andrew and Tiffani. We had a great time! Happy Birthday Tiff!

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  1. You and Catherine were AWESOME!! It was a fun outing. See you soon!


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