Sunday, April 20, 2008

Completed Patio

Here are some pictures of the concrete forming, pouring, etc. process.
This is the form for the patio.Hosing off the stamps for the concrete. The pump to pour the concrete. The cement truck.
Smoothing the concrete. Putting stress joints in the concrete to help prevent it from cracking anywhere but those places.
It's done!

Closeup of the stamp

It will be nice when we can finish the rest of the landscaping, so we have something nice to look at from the patio (instead of cinder block and piles of dirt). It will also be nice to have some furniture to sit on.


  1. Looking really nice! Can't wait to see the rest of the landscaping.

  2. liz-that looks great! and it *will* get step at a time...then you'll find another project you want to do :)

  3. It looks so nice and it makes the patio another great place to hang out . I can't wait until it is all done!

  4. It looks awesome! Hey Liz, will you email me your email address and phone number? I think I lost them. My email is

  5. Looks great, William will have fun riding his tricycle on that patio someday!



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